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Forwarder Benefits

TIACA addresses the latest industry concerns for forwarders and other air cargo supply chain members.

TIACA accomplishes this through its Industry Affairs work, which identifies key industry issues,
establishes TIACA’s positions, and advocates for positive results. For example:

Issue: Advance Data
US, EU and Canada regulators are preparing to implement programs requiring the submission, pre-loading, of detailed shipment information to risk assess the shipment and determine if specific screening actions are needed. These programs could result in significant delays for your consignors/consignees, and forwarders will need to decide whether to provide advance data themselves, or rely on supply chain partners to do so.

TIACA Action
We are working closely with customs and civil aviation authorities to ensure that forwarders are able to submit data (if desired) and that new regulations do not inhibit the transfer of cargo from forwarders to carriers. We are also working with the WCO and ICAO towards harmonized global models for advance data regimes, to ensure consistency and interoperability among various national regimes.

Issue: E-commerce
The air cargo industry’s adoption of e-commerce initiatives has been slow, limiting the industry’s ability to improve quality for its customers. The incentives for forwarders to adopt paperless initiatives vary company to company, and a forwarder’s calculus of benefits will be different from that of other supply chain members.
TIACA Action
TIACA believes the best way to achieve a paperless environment is through consultations involving the entire air cargo supply chain, in which the concerns of all stakeholders are taken into account. TIACA is developing an Industry Scorecard that identifies the potential benefits and challenges for each segment of the industry. We also plan to highlight critical next steps for each segment. To help educate industry members, TIACA is promoting forwarder success stories through its programming, website and communications. We are focused on improving transit-times, eliminating the document pouch, and supporting harmonization of advanced customs standards, including in the area of advance data for air cargo shipments, and leveraging these standards as part of e-cargo initiatives.

Issue: Cargo Screening Technology
Cargo screening should be done as early in the supply chain as possible. However, not all state security programs enable/allow forwarders to participate (and when they do, such measures may not be recognized by detection authorities).

TIACA Action
TIACA is calling attention to this issue in national and international forums, and is urging expanded mutual recognition. We are also advocating for additional cargo screening technologies for the air cargo environment.


Issue: New Security Requirements
Global regulators often focus on specific security measures for all-cargo & passenger carriers without consideration of the impact on, and notification to, forwarders.
TIACA Action
Through its member communications, TIACA alerts its members to pending changes in security measures and advises that members obtain necessary clarifications before the regulations take effect. TIACA also works to expand regulators’ awareness of these issues and to persuade them to consult more broadly with forwarders and other affected parties.


Issue: Carbon Footprint
Some regulators and customers are increasingly interested in the carbon footprint for air cargo, but there is currently no widely accepted methodology for calculating it.
TIACA Action
TIACA is collaborating with colleagues across the air cargo supply chain to develop a methodology for calculating air cargo’s carbon footprint from shipper to customer.



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